BriddleWood Facility Services (BWFS) is a service provider that can manage all facility service needs. BWFS’ main focus is customer service, meaning we will always answer the phone 24/7/365, so that we can effectively reduce downtime. We commit to be solution-oriented, prompt, and always deliver a positive attitude.

BWFS provides a single point of contact for our busy clientelle to ease the burden of facility maintenance. From simple repairs to complex projects, BWFS will handle it from start to finish in a simple, quality, and reliable manner. We are well versed in IVR systems, store sign offs, before and after pictures, detailed estimates and reports. We guarantee timely, reliable, and thorough communication as well as quick response time to each service call. Our goal is for you to feel like each service call is our top priority.

BWFS has over 20 years of combined experience in not only the facility services industry but the commercial service industry as well. Through our time as technicians and adminstrators, we are able to thoroughly understand the true costs and requirements for a range of services which allows us to ensure you are receiving a fair and accurate price for each job.